Sunday 31 May 2015

Industry Use of High Performance Computing

CRRI won a grant from the Federal Government in 2001 to investigate the potential of High Performance Computing as a driver of technology industries in the city of Penrith on the fringe of Sydney NSW Australia. A precinct was created linked to the facilities of the Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communications (ac3). Funding of $253,000 was provided by the Federal Department of Workplace

Above: Image courtesy of the Centre for HPC, University of Southern California

Relations and Small Business (responsibility subsequently transferred to the Department of Infrasctructure and Regional Development). The summary report - “Transforming Penrith’s High Performance Computing Node into an Innovation Precinct” can be downloaded HERE.

The research aimed to investigate the scope for local business for the use of a High Performance Computing (HPC) Node located on the University of WesternSydney (UWS) Penrith campus.

The Penrith HPC Node was one of 4 ‘regional access nodes’ to a central supercomputing facility at ac3 in Redfern at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney. The ac3 facility was part of the Australian Program for Advanced Computing network. This was a national network of ‘centres of excellence’ in advanced computing. The relationship between the Penrith Node, the ac3 facility and APAC was foundational to the Penrith centre that was evaluated.

This research explored the nature of the business needs first, so that the design of the Node facility could accurately respond to local need and help to stimulate future business potential.